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Building the water garden you have made all the choices, the details are finished and you are waiting for your freshly planted flowers to take hold and start blooming. There are many environmental factors around your water garden that are going to affect how well your garden grows and how well your fish thrive. Your highly anticipated water garden grows when you understand more about how it all comes together and works together.

Photosynthesis is a big portion of your environmental factors in the water garden. photosynthesis is the process of a how a plant makes food for itself from sunlight. Sun energy is converted to chemical energy in a plant and is then stored as a sugar in the plant. Plants also combine carbon dioxide and water to give off oxygen. As the plants burn their sugar storage of energy and give off oxygen they are supporting other life events in the water garden.

With the plants that are submerged in the water garden, they use the light energy, and the respiration cycles to provide oxygen. The fish take in the oxygen. Algae and plants will take in the carbon dioxide. The plants taking in the majority of the carbon dioxide will help keep the algae under control because there is very little or no carbon dioxide for the algae to use to grow. This entire process keeps your water garden balanced and the water more clearly looking.

All the plants in your water garden are going to be included in this cycle of life, the plants in the water garden, the floating plants, the submerged plants and the plants that are growing around your water garden and in the container plants.

In the balancing of the water garden, snails will find their way to your water garden. If you don’t see the snails, you can almost bet that they are there. Snails will eat the excrement from the fish and this helps keep your water clean and clear. If you are having a problem keeping your water clear, bringing a few snails to the location of your water garden will help control this situation.

Floating plants in the water garden are best loved for cleaning the impurities from the water as well. A floating plant will work in the water to clean out more algae, pollution in the water garden and chemicals that find their way into the water garden through other methods like air, or wind.

The fish also help keep the water garden in top shape by eating the little pests that find their way to the water. The flies, bug, mosquitoes and the larvae from both that that are left behind in the water are all eaten by the fish in the water garden.

Bringing all of the life together in a water garden you will have an area of your landscape that is truly enjoyable! Be sure to balance your fish, snails, flies, the floating plants and the submerged plants for a clean water garden that will make your day more beautiful!

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