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Don’t Jump the gun

I know that it is only mid- February, but the weather was really nice for a few days and I was ready to get started on a new project. Got the tractor out and started  leveling the area and planned on hooking up the backhoe and digging today. Boy, I was surprised to wake up to unexpected snow.

Now, I know that you aren’t about to start putting pond plants in just yet. But remember when spring arrives that you might want to wait a bit before starting up bio filters and spending a lot on seasonal plants. A quick drop below freezing and your plants and good bacteria will be dead. So be a little more patient than I am when it comes to getting started this spring.

And if you have never heard the phrase “the elephant in the pond” normally said about over stocked ponds… then you should get a kick out of this video


A Spring Dip in the Pond with Minnie

Elecam viewers often see our high-spirited Minnie splashing in the Sanctuary’s ponds. Here’s a rare, ground level glimpse of one of Minnie’s dips on a rainy spring morning.


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