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Note – this is basically a walk through of  the types of filters on this page so rather than watch me do a poor pantomime of the the different filters just listen to me ramble on while looking at the page – sorry about that.

I want to give you a really quick overview of the different kind of filters that you are going to see in ponds. When you are looking at filters or people talking about filters, it is such a broad area. There are different types of filtration. Now, in most pond kits, you are going to get something that is called a waterfall filter. It is basically the lip.  it is the box that has the lip on it that becomes the top of your waterfall, and they add some filtration pads or bio-media or both into that, and that is your pond filter. Now, that works great for the basics and it’s just a starter set and it comes with most pond kits. If you keep the pond a couple feet deep and it is a pretty small area and you run it with a skimmer that comes with the kit – that may be all that you need. But some folks like to add onto those or if you are building your kit from scratch you may be using a different kind of filter. For example, you might want to use a pressurized filter.

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