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water garden
by ell brown under CC BY  with www.PondSupply.com
water garden


Building a water garden does not mean that you are limited in the shape of your water garden. You can create multiple water gardens in your landscape, that compliment each other, that are very close to each other or water gardens that are actually very far and distant in relation to where they are in your gardens. If you have an idea on how you want your landscape to look, taking the time to plan it all out is going to give you the water gardens that you will treasure for years to come, just be sure to remember you are never limited in what is present on how others have completed their gardens, but you are only limited by your own creativity.

One tip that you might want to keep in mind when you are building a water garden and you are on a budget is that you can use carpet remnants and carpet padding under the liner on the larger type water gardens. If you have access to the carpet or padding, you don’t have to spend extra money on shell or sand when the carpeting will protect your liner from rocks and stones.

To obtain large rocks for the borders of your water garden, you can stop along the highways where the mountains meet the road and often find large rocks of various colors, shapes and sizes that you just have to load on the truck and put around the garden. You can also purchase large rocks from nurseries but this can be costly when you are on a budget.

If you live in the country, volunteering your time with the local farmers to pick their fields of rocks, you can find huge amounts of free rocks of all sizes and types that you can use in creating and detailing your water garden. The farmer who grows crops has to go through his fields every so often anyway and will welcome your help if you just explain why you want to help him out and pick rocks.

If you have a large water garden you can use logs or trees that have fallen in the woods to create a very natural looking boundary or fence on sides of your water garden. Trees that have been downed by the winter will need trimmed, cutting off the various branches but this is not going to hurt other trees in the woods, and the hard part is already done for you as the tree is lying on the ground. Using logs and trees around your water garden will give your snails, snakes and other little critters that balance the water garden a place to live.

Planting wildflowers along the edging of your water garden is one of the most inexpensive ways that you can detail or decorate your water garden. Wildflower seeds are found in all types of home centers and in nurseries and you have very little work if any to do after you have actually planted them around the water garden.

Having various trees, logs, rocks and boulders around the water garden, you can create your own seating areas so that you don’t have to carry towels or chairs when you want to visit and relax at the water garden. Just use your imagination and you will be able to think of various ways that you can create a chair with a foot stool out of a very tree logs and large rocks!

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