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Hey, today we are going to be talking about string algae. Now, some people call it a hair algae, and if it is floating they will call it blanket algae. Now, there is kind of good and band to this type of algae. You know, let’s talk about the good points first. Now, if you’ve got hair algae in the pond and it is just all along the sides of your pond you know, off your rubber liner you probably have really clear water. You know, even when you have you know, long tendrils of the hair algae sticking out you probably have crystal clear water and I  will bet your fish you know much in along on the hair algae along the sides of the pond.

Now, that’s good and if that’s really the only place you have a problem with it what I would do is just mechanically you know, physically remove the algae. I wouldn’t try using algicides or any kind of chemicals. You know, either just reach in there and grab it or get some kind of a stick and twirl it you know, around and pull it up a little like it was noodles and don’t use a rake. You know, I have heard some bad stories about people using rakes, you don’t want to tear your liner but any kind of a tool even some of the pond places, I don’t think we have them but you can find a little a stick with kind of prongs on it that you can twist and turn and you know rip the algae out of there. And if that’s all you need to do I wouldn’t worry about it and I will just knock that out, have a clear water, and call it a good day.

Now if you have a waterfall or a stream, the hair algae or you know string algae can just take over and if you have too much of it, it were just floating along the top where you can’t even you know see the clear water underneath the floating green you know blanket algae on top of your pond and then we got to do something. Now, you know getting the string algae out of your waterfall can be a real hassle and you can see people you know, scrubbing it and doing everything they can to take it out. Now, you know quite a few years ago there were a few products on the that did a great job with it but those got pulled form the market. There is one that is still available, it is called AlgaeFix and that is a really good product that will kill that string algae. The only thing you have to keep in mind when you do that is it will come back unless you know, do something to keep it from coming back. So I would kind of recommend you know a two step plan on that.

One, if you need to use the AlgaeFix to use it, kill it and then immediately put in some barley. You know, you can use the barley bales or you can use the barley extract causing a bit more but it is a little quicker work, you would add that to your filtration system. If you are using the barley bales and sort of just dumping it into the pond you know most people have better results if they have it in the skimmer or if you have some kind of a stream, stick it in the stream and let the water flow through that. And in that way when you kill the string algae or the barley will kind of compete with it for nutrients and keep it from growing again so you know if your string algae isn’t really bad and it is not on your waterfall or in your stream I would consider leaving it and you know just removing in the excess you know physically. And if it is really bad then use the algae fix and follow up with the barley so that’s my tips for dealing with string algae.

here is the link to the tool to remove it – they one we didn’t have available when the video was made 🙂


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