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If you have been browsing around the internet you have probably came across the expert advice of circulate your pond water once every two hours. Now, let’s say you have a small pond, a 300-gallon pond. If you circulate with a 150 gallon per hour pump on that 300-gallon pond, you are going to have horrible mess on your hands. You are going to need to double the size of the pump for a small pond like that so that you know, 300-gallon pond or 350-gallon pond you are going to need about 700 gallon per hour pump to handle that small size pond.

A 750-gallon pond, I would still double the pump. You know, if you’ve got 750 gallons of water and run about 15,000 gallon pump. Maybe you could get away with a 12,000 gallon per hour pump on a pond that is a medium size for backyards or a 1,000 or 12,000, 15,000 gallon pond. In that case go or you know circulate it once per hour so a 12,000 gallon pond, or a 12,000 per hour pump, 15,000 gallon pond, 15,000 gallon per hour pump. Now, on a 3,000 gallon pond which is a pretty good you know size backyard pond and the experts are correct.

You know I would go at about 15,000 gallon per hour pump for that and once every two hours is going to be fine for that size of pond. Now, there is a couple of variables that we need to keep in mind when we size our pump, one is head height. You know, how high are we having a pump from the top of our pump to the top of our waterfall because every foot of that is going to take away a good percentage of our gallon per hour. The other thing to consider is how long is our tubing. For every 10 foot of tubing it is the same as going one foot high. So let’s say in our example we’ve got a 15,000 gallon pond but we’ve got it pretty deep and we are pumping pretty high, and we are probably going to then have to double the size of the pump to be able to get any kind of waterfall; on that.

Now, the last thing to keep in mind are is your filtration. If you are using a UV filter, you have to follow the instructions. If the UV filter says it is rated for 600 gallons an hour through that UV and you learned through you know two or three times that amount, your UV won’t work for you. You know it needs time for the algae to be killed as it goes through the UV lighting. So what you can do there is either go with two smaller pumps and one that just goes right through the UV up to your waterfall, and the other going directly in the waterfall or the verdict. You know same thing works on a filtration system. You know, if you are running too much water for your filter that is overflowing and what we can do there is just somewhere coming out of your pump we are going to want to T it which also adds head height and send one branch into your filter system and you got a branch directly into your waterfall. In that way you will have the right size pond pump for your pond.

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