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So you are thinking about converting a swimming pool to a pond, great idea. Some of those have turned out really well. There’s a couple things you need to be in the lookout for though. The problems that people run into with that are with their filter systems. The paper cartridge on some ponds that are being used in a lot of smaller pools or you are going to run into a big sand filter for the larger swimming pools or the inground pools. Now, those have the tendency to clog, I mean quickly, and to the point of you just want to pick them up and chunk them down the road. So before you even try and get frustrated with it, if you are going to use the filter that came with your swimming pool. if it is a sand filter, but if it is a paper cartridge filter, man, just don’t even try, so convert that sand filter to a biofilter.

You can use bio balls or beads. Or any of the surface media, you know they sell a lot of very inexpensive bio media that has just a lot of surface area. It is amazing, how much area they can put on those little bitty balls, and then of course treat it with some beneficial bacteria to get it jumpstarted and those work very well. The pumps that come with swimming pools are not always the most efficient. It is going to be cheaper in the short run to just say, “Hey, you know I am going to use the pump I have,” but in the long run, you might be saving a lot of money to just completely convert your entire system.

A high efficiency pond pump that is going to save you money and converting the pump gives you some options to do some different type of filtration. You can use UV filter or any kind of bio ball type filter, but you can also go with the gravity filter using filter media or a common filter. Even though you spend a little to convert to the bio beads – every month that you are saving $10, $20, or $30 a month on that pump. Eventually you are going to breakeven and you are going to have a pond that really works for you.

You know one thing to keep in mind with a lot of swimming pools and inground swimming pools is that usually you cannot help it because they have that sidewalk around them all the way around it and you got a pump in there that also looks kind of silly. Well, but you could take advantage of that because that is a great flat area for you to build a bog filter and boy, bogs are fantastic. You know filters, a veggie filter is a great filter. So you know if you could come in and build a container that you put a liner in and use that as your filtration system filling up with plants and check for some of our other videos wherewe are really going in depth in to how to build a veggie filter, but I will consider adding one. Especially if you are using a gravity filter because you can just hide that gravity filter back behind your veggie filter, and then have it pour into veggie filter, and then go into your waterfall, and back into the swimming pool which is now your pond.

Thinking about converting your swimming pool to a pond. Some things to think about including your filter system and your pump.  https://www.pondsupply.com

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