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Pond filters are the most important part that is very necessary to be there if you have a garden pond for yourself. The beauty of your garden depends a lot on the state of garden pond and therefore it becomes all the more necessary to install pond filters in your garden pond. There are lots of filters that are available in the market these days which can be chosen according to our garden requirements. There are lots of configurations that these devices are available in market and on these configurations the cost is determined.
Types of Filters for your pond in market

1.Basket Filters – these are among the simplest types of pond filters. They are put at the base of the pond and remain underwater. The filter forces the water to pass through a net and the net catches all the dirt from the water making it clean. Generally every pond has a basket filter to remove debris. The only problem with these filters is that they need to be cleaned periodically.

2. Pond UV filters – this is an advanced filter that believes Sunlight to be the best disinfectant. The main principal this filter works on is that the UV radiations of the sunlight kill all the microorganisms and algae in the pond. This is why these filters main work is to expose the water of the pond to powerful UV rays to destroy unwanted matter in the pond. For this these pond filters have UV bulb in them which needs to get replaced from time to time in order to be more efficient. The only drawback of these types of filters is that they are not effective in big ponds with large amount of water.

3. Bacterial Garden Pond Filters – these types of filters use various living organisms to help clean the water in the pond. They are at their best against pond scum and algae. These are the two main problems of a pond and for them bacterial garden filters are the best. These filters are primed with bacteria which start cleaning the pond as soon as they are installed. According to the manufacturers initially they require frequent priming which can take longer time after few weeks. These types of filters are definitely effective but it may show result after some time unlike basket or Pond UV filters that start showing results immediately.

In order to choose the best pond filters for your garden pond you should make your pick depending upon the volume of water in the pond. It depends on the size of the pond and the purpose of the pond as well. If the pond is fish pond it will have entirely different requirements than a simple water pond. The pond filter that can filter at least half the capacity of pond in one hour is the best choice for your pond.

It is true that maintaining a pond is a difficult task but those who love to work in their garden and like to remain beautiful will definitely not feel the burden.

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