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If natural remedies for your algae problem didn’t work to your satisfaction, there are chemical remedies that can be exercised with caution. Remove as much algae as possible before starting chemical treatment. Maximum effectiveness of ridding algae occurs at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Just as sunlight will feed plants as well as algae, algicides will slow the […]

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Water Testing for a Healthy Pond

Once your pond gets in a rhythm and everything seems to be running smoothly, it can be easy to get lazy when it comes to testing your water on a regular basis. Even if your water is crystal clear and your fish are swimming around and look healthy, it’s important to continually test your water and […]

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Year Round Care

Taking care of fish is an year-round job so it’s a good idea to know how to take care of your fish in different water temperatures throughout the year. In January and February your fish are living on stored food that they’ve kept on reserve in their bodies. Allow them to rest and do not feed […]

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Oxygen Depletion

Oxygen depletion can happen for various reasons from shutting off the pump to fish over-population to something as simple as a hot summer’s day. Why doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you can fix the problem or avoid it completely. Low oxygen levels can result in the sudden death of fish and ruin the […]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning; in most cases this brings up thoughts of garage sales, basement overhauls and sweating it out in your home while ridding of the grubbiness that crept in throughout the winter months. While all those things may need to be done, for pond owners it’s also a time to clean and refresh your pond to […]

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