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Oxygen Depletion

Oxygen depletion can happen for various reasons from shutting off the pump to fish over-population to something as simple as a hot summer’s day. Why doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you can fix the problem or avoid it completely. Low oxygen levels can result in the sudden death of fish and ruin the […]

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Buying and keeping pond fish

Buying Koi You have decided that you want to stock your pond with koi. Knowing what to look for when koi shopping is the next step. Consider fish shopping in the same way you would when car shopping. You need to observe the fish, watch it’s movements, notice it’s color and size and most of […]

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Choosing the right fish

Choosing fish to stock in your pond varies on the size of water garden you have and the price you are willing to spend. Fish such as goldfish are easily maintained and generally won’t grow to be bigger than six inches thus making them ideal for smaller ponds. The common goldfish, comet goldfish and Shubunkin […]

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Practical Koi Fish

Koi fish in the water garden are a beautiful site, the colors of the fish, the various sizes are great to look at and these fish are very functional as well as easy to care for. If you are going to collect Koi in your water garden, you will need to keep in mind how […]

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Transporting Fish Safely

Transporting fish from one place to another is not an adventure to be taken lightly. Much goes into a smooth introduction of fish into a new pond as well as the process of getting them there. If you are purchasing fish from a local pet store, the fish should be put in a plastic bag […]

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