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large water pond
by Anis Rieko under CC BY  with www.PondSupply.com
large water pond


Do you have the large body of water on your land and you want to make it an extra special place for both plants and animals as well as yourself? You can use bushes and trees in the largest bodies of water that you are including in your landscape for a wonderful over all relaxing feeling for yourself that will welcome in the animals and wildlife as well.

The scarlet willow is a very large bushy type tree that will grow very well in the moist areas around your water pond. The scarlet will grow to be a little over five foot tall. Pruning this will is needed if you want it to keep growing in a more fuller and rounded fashion. The scarlet willow is a great option for those moist areas because it will grow in the full sun or in the partial shade, so if you have other trees around that are taller, the scarlet willow is going to act as a filler in those larger areas where small flowers plants are just not enough. The scarlet willow is going to give you various colors through out the year with the fall months one of its best views.

The swamp cypress as you can guess, does very well in the very wet, even growing in the pond itself if you would like it to be. The swamp cypress is a very thin looking tree that will grow very tall, about 65 feet when it is full grown but that does take a few years. You can start the swamp cypress by seed or you can take a cutting from another tree to root in your greenhouse. Keeping the soil very moist through out the growth of the tree will produce a very healthy tree that will be ready for planting by the pond. The tree does produce very green colors in the summer months, with the leaves turning various colors of red in the fall months. If you have a smaller water pond, you could grow a swamp cypress for a few years, most likely up to about ten years, and then you will have to move it as it will get to be too big for your small pond.

Swamp blueberry is also called just so because of its love of water. This is a bush that can be used around larger ponds or as a centerpiece in the garden by the smaller pond. While the swamp blueberry does not need as much water as the swamp cypress, you can grow this bush anywhere that there is good access to plenty of moisture, like at a bottom of a hill, beside a creek or along the edges of your pond. The swamp blueberry does like the full sun, so it won’t grow extremely big if you are going to plan on planting it under the shade of other trees. It will only grow to be about five foot tall, with most only growing to be about four foot tall. A mixture of both peat and sand is going to promote growth for the young swamp blueberry for growing in your garden.

Decorating around your pond is a lot like decorating your home. You can change the colors and the types of flowers, plants and bushes that are growing around your pond to create that atmosphere that gives you exactly what you want!

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