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A Koi (Cyprinus carpio) pond.

A Koi (Cyprinus carpio) pond. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




  • building a prequel pond before the big one
  • how to keep birds from taking fish from backyard ponds
  • how to build a garden pond and deck
  • cattails in a wetland garden
  • can your really afford a koi pond
  • best bog plants for your pond
  • building a koi pond inspires backyard business
  • koi ponds don’t need to look like black liner ponds
  • building a backyard pond without going belly up
  • is your water garden wreaking havoc on nature
  • natural pond filters


plus 6 videos and 12 photos


English: Flower of Nelumbo nucifera, bean of I...

English: Flower of Nelumbo nucifera, bean of India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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