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Ever dream of relaxing beside a cool mountain brook? Dabbling your toes in the chill, clear water while around you birds sing and butterflies flash the vibrant colors of their tiny, wings. What if you could have access to such a peaceful setting at any time you wished? These are no more than some of the benefits of backyard ponds.
Each year millions of people plan lavish vacations to idyllic natural settings in order to leave behind their overly familiar native environments. It is really quite ironic to think that these same people will spend hours of toil every week maintaining the uniformity of the boring, rectangular expanses of lawn in their own back yards. Only to try to escape from it one a year at enormous expense. For a small percentage of the cost of an average vacation, they could bring a part of that setting into their own space to be enjoyed each and every day. With little more effort involve than digging a hole. A little research and prior planning will grant them access to the private oasis that only backyard ponds can bring.

The last thing you want to do if you are putting in a pond is grab a shovel and set to work. First: options must be considered. Is this a project you feel confident in taking on yourself? Or would it be a better choice to hire it out to a specialist? There are benefits to either of these choices.
Digging and constructing backyard ponds can be rewarding, The perfect project for a first time do it yourselfer. It is a very forgiving undertaking and one where it is easy to make changes while learning along the way.
Hiring it out to a contractor may be an especially attractive option for many who do not relish physical labor, particularly for retirees who should relax after a lifetime of work. The expense between the two can be rather negligible.

Once you have determined the proper corse for you, you will need to decide on a location within your yard as well as a size. These will be mostly personal preferences, though a shady spot is recommended to cut down on evaporation and to lend to an air of relaxation away from direct sun light.
The type of liner that will work best should be determined by your requirements with regard to size, shape, and configuration. Molded liners will be easiest to work with but are usually limited in size and pre made shapes.
Will there be water works? Adding a small waterfall can give a delightful cascading sound as well as visual appeal. It will also have the added benefit of preventing bothersome pests, like mosquitoes, from establishing a home in your new tranquil little corner of the world.

After the initial excavation and construction, backyard ponds are remarkably simple to care for. Cleaning and maintenance  products are usually inexpensive and have detailed instructions for use. Or here again, you can hire someone to maintain it for you allowing you the maximum amount of time to simply enjoy your private, little vacation secret.

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