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Birds can be exciting to watch and have around, but what about in our water gardens?  It really depends on the kind of birds, and whether you keep fish.

If you enjoy keeping fish in your water garden’s ponds, you may have an issue with birds.  Some larger birds are likely to eat up all your fish!  Depending on where you live, this might not be an issue.  But if it is, then you have to figure out a way to keep the fish safe.

The most common way to keep the birds out is with a net.  This is usually sufficient, but might be tricky to do in a tasteful manner that doesn’t detract from the ambiance of the garden.

However, you may also have to add a secondary concern that you might not be allowed to take some obvious measures against the birds.

In some areas, you may not be allowed to use any sort of net to keep birds out, because of the potential for the birds to get caught in or injured by the nets.  You then have a unique challenge of trying to keep large birds away from your fish ponds.  One unique idea I’ve heard of, when I lived near a bird wildlife refuge, is using a motion detector rigged with a sprinkler system.  It would immediately turn on and spray over the pond in a way that would immediately send those birds of prey flapping away.  It may have been a challenge, but this fish owner had very valuable koi to guard.

However, if you don’t have fish in your garden, you obviously don’t have to worry about birds eating them.  Or maybe you are interested enough in certain bird types that you’d like to add some feeder fish, if you have a larger pond, to attract the bigger birds.

On the other hand, if you live in an area where there are no bird species who like to prey on your fish, then birds can be fun to invite to your garden.  They also can prove quite useful in many cases.

There’s also a big potential advantage to having birds around, they can eat up hundreds and hundreds of bugs!  Birds are a natural and organic pesticide.

It’s quite simple to attract birds to your garden.  The easiest way, of course, is to install some bird feeders.  You can also set up a traditional bird bath, but a more exciting alternative is to provide a flat area within a waterfall to act as a bird bath.  The birds may even find this more exciting as well.

Another way to attract birds is by providing them with shelter.  You may already have a good amount of bird shelter in your hard, in the form of trees, shrubs and bushes.  Expanding on the shelter is to provide nesting facilities for the birds.  You should first find out what kinds of birds are likely to nest in your area, and provide nesting facilities that will work for the kind of bird you’d like to attract.

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