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A water garden oozes tranquility, calm and peace. It can be a stunning addition to any outdoor area and looks perfect in any house. Technically, a water garden is defined as man-made landscape feature designed to house or display aquatic plants and/or ornamental fish. Typically, they are quite small, shallow, and in landscape architecture, form the central feature of an outdoor garden.

Historically, water gardens have been a part of Persian and Chinese landscape architecture for thousands of years. Before the appearance of water pumps in the industrial age, water was directly routed from streams and rivers to water gardens. Though they were used primarily for ornamental purposes, at times, they also found use as sources of food in the form of fish.

A water garden is generally self-sufficient and doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as a regular garden. Raking, mowing, weeding – all tasks heavy on manual labor are conspicuously absent when it comes to water garden maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance required is yearly cleaning and draining of the water tank, monthly cleaning of the filtration system, and perhaps adding water whenever there is excess loss due to evaporation. In terms of sheer maintenance effort, it beats out a traditional garden by miles.

A water garden is also great for the environment. Flowing water has a naturally cooling effect, as you may yourself have undoubtedly felt near a stream or a waterfall. Water – flowing or still – also lends tranquility and a sense of calm to the environment, a fact Japanese architects have exploited for hundreds of years in the famed Japanese gardens. But perhaps most importantly, a water garden helps save thousands of gallons of water that would otherwise have been wasted in the upkeep of a traditional garden or lawn.

Water gardens are incredibly easy to set up. A small pond, a few water plants, a water pump, and a few ornamental fish are all you need to get started. Cost wise – both upfront and long term – it would be invariably cheaper than a large traditional garden. In terms of design, there is no limit to your creativity. With just a few rocks, carefully arranged plants, a few lilies and lotuses, you can create an intimate, tranquil space where you can unwind, relax and be at peace with nature.

Building your own water garden can be a rich and rewarding experience. It can readily transform a house and have long term effects on your health and well being. In essence, a water garden is the perfect addition to any outdoor area.

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