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video transcript for “Beneficial bacteria for your Pond”

Hello, Bruce with Pond Supply. Hey I want to talk to you today about beneficial bacteria for your pond and when to add it and why. Bacteria occurs naturally in your pond but during the winter, especially in the colder climates, it’s either killed or greatly reduced and it takes up to a couple of months for it to naturally re-grow. So what a lot of folks recommend, and I do, and I have always done it for my ponds, is to add bacteria to your ponds to kind of give it a kick start and really get it going.

What bacteria does in your pond, especially if it’s working in a biological filter or even using your regular filter media, it reduces the nutrient load. It breaks down organic waste in the pond. Of course the best way to eliminate the need for breaking down the organic waste is not to over feed your koi, but all of us do that. So the bacteria helps break all that down, it reduces the nutrient load, removes ammonia, and it helps balance the ecosystem. So what we want to do is we want to add the beneficial bacteria to your filter, and add it in the spring, usually getting water temperatures up around 50°. Start adding, and the key to that is I guess once you get it really going, is during the season if you have to clean your filter you don’t want to kill the bacteria that you’ve got going.

So there are a couple of ways you can do that. If you’re running multiple filters, only clean one at a time. If possible, say you have a small pond pump that you use for pumping out your pond whenever you need to clean it, use that water. Set it up high in your pond, high level, and pump some of that top water so you’re not pumping any dirt or organic buildup on the bottom, and use that water. If you’ve got a 1200 gallon power pump and any kind of little spray head on that, you can get a pretty good pressure and clean your filters with your pond water. That way, you don’t kill the bacteria. If you use city water to clean, anything that has chlorine added to it, you’re going to kill the bacteria in your filter. If you do that, it’s not a big issue. Just re-seed it with any of the Microbe-Lift, EcoFix or any of the other bacteria that actually puts bacteria in the name. That’s a little bit about beneficial bacteria. Thanks for watching.

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