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Backyard Pond Kits

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, is there is an advantage to buying all your pond components in a kit versus you know, purchasing them separately, and the answer is yes, there is an advantage. Number one, you save money. Kits are usually you know, priced 10% to 20% cheaper than buying all the parts separately. Number two, probably more importantly, everything is going to work together. And when you are trying to go out and buy all the pieces separately, not always do you put the right pump together with the right skimmer or filter system. And to make the pond work properly everything should be sized to match, so you know, you are going to get that with a pond kit.


Now, there are different types of pond kits. You know, we have kits that are more for koi. You know, instead of using a typical waterfall filter, they may use bead filters or even add ultraviolet filters in between the skimmer and the waterfall filter. You can also have, some of your pond kits have UV filters. Some of the nicer kits also include lighting and you know, some extra stuff. You know, chemicals to get you started beneficial bacteria for example. There’s different types of kits as far as the size of the liner and the thickness of the liner, and also the quality of the skimmer and the filters. You know, some other kits are lower priced and kind of an entry level, and others for example let’s say the Easy Pro line, their main kit, which is their smallest kit and made for backyard ponds is actually bigger than a lot of the other manufacturer’s regular kits.


You are also going to get the same quality skimmer, filter, and liner in there. Let’s say there are many kit for example as you would get in their professional pond kits. You know, don’t let the size, the mini sizing pull you on that because what they consider on a large pond, you know, I could probably you know, put my best load in. So when you are looking for ponds, be sure you check you know, the schematics on each one and we tried to down what size pond it is going to make and also the depth, including the liner size. You know, for example, if a manufacturer has sized their ponds for 8×10 but 2 foot deep, that is going to be a smaller liner than a manufacturer sized their ponds 8×10 3 foot deep.


And if you want to go even deeper then you need to take in consideration that you are not going to be able to go you know, 8×10 if you are going to go 4 foot deep, so be sure you check that. Now, just like this pond here, this is my pond in my backyard and what I got added here is a veggie filter running behind me along the fence line there runs about 20 feet. So you are not locked in that size and you can always get an extra size liner or just an extra piece of liner, and add it you know, to your pond so you don’t just have to have that typical you know, shape where you just have a little round pond, over pond with the rock necklace, and you can be a little creative. In fact, on this one, I am standing on the skimmer and we got a little hatch that I got to open up right underneath my feet and get to my skimmer. So there is a lot of different ways you can work with the pond kit to make it look very unique and you know, like a custom built pond but you save the money and you have the advantage of knowing everything is going to work right out of the box.


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