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Pond Filters

Pond owners know the importance of having a good filtration system and this, in fact, is the number one concern for pond owners. To install a good filtration system, it often takes more work and upfront costs but you will notice in the long run, there will be less maintenance and more enjoyment of your pond.

Types of Filters

When we talk about filters, we actually mean a wide range of types suited to different types of ponds and water displays. In pond displays, you will typically receive a waterfall filter which is comprised of a lip and a box that becomes your waterfall feature for your pond. For the most part, filtration pads ad bio-media are added – or perhaps a choice of one to complete the filtration process.

The next type of filter is what is known as a pressurized filter. These filters are usually buried apart from the pond and is powered using a pump system, running from your skimmer and sometimes be made to power your waterfall. There is the option with this type of filter to use an in pond pump which is able to pump some solids but will not clog.

Gravity Flow filters usually sit higher than your waterfall display or above your bog and the water flows from the filter back into your pond. The water will be filtered through it and gravity itself will allow the water to fall; bear in mind these can’t pump water up so you can’t let them flow over long distances.

UV Filters will work excellent if you have a pressurized filter to back them up. You will need a pump to run the water through a pressurized filter that will clear most of the solid matter and then allow the water to pass through the UV filter.

On occasion, these filters have a sock filter but you must pay attention to them because they tend to clog and overheat. Since these filters do not have a turn off, your pump may get burned out.

If you have a smaller pond, you might wish to go with the least expensive option; this means you could choose a pump inside your pond with a pre-filter and run it through a gravity filter. As long as you skim out the excess larger particles you can, a gravity filter or bio-filter will give you great filtration at a great cost.

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