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A moose story

This showed up in my in box and is too good not to pass on. Looks like pond moose has a fan.

There once was a baby moose named Charlie. He knew nothing about anything except eating twigs, roots, bark, and shoots of woody plants. He will be with his mama until he is about a year old. Charlie loves the water. One day, Charlie got lost and he couldn’t find his family. He looked everywhere for them. He could not find the pond where they use to swim and drink.

He was starting to get hungry and thirsty and it was a hot day. How he would love to be able to put his hooves in a nice cool pond!
He had only been walking for a few hours when he came across a wolf! His daddy told him that he should always run when he sees a wolf. But lucky for Charlie, the wolf wasn’t hungry for moose that day. The wolf just turned and walked away. It was starting to get dark and Charlie was getting scared he would have to spend the night all by himself.

As this thought was crossing his mind, he heard a low moooo sound coming from over the hill. He got very excited about this and started running. When he got to where he heard the sound, it was only a for real cow. Not his mama! There was a man standing next to the cow and he had a very kind face. Charlie decided it would be ok to get closer. You would have thought the man could read his mind because he showed Charlie his nice cool pond!

Charlie ran and jumped and splashed. He was so happy that he forgot all about being lost. He did see his mama and daddy again and they were so happy that Charlie had found a new place to call home.

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