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Garden ponds are another illusive thing for garden lovers. Also famous by the name of aquatic gardens, backyard ponds etc they are gaining popularity these days. The aquatic garden adds up beauty to your backyards and it is attempt of creating a natural habitat in an artificial way.  An aquatic garden is basically a combination of pool, aquatic animals (generally fishes) and plants.  If you are an animal and nature lover than a garden pond at your backyard will definitely make you feel good.

How to construct it?

While creating a garden pond the big question that must be answered is “how big is your backyard and how big garden pond you want?” The size of your backyard pond heavily depends on the size of your backyard. Further according to the size of pond you decide the things you want to place in the pond. Few common things you will find near a garden pond is fountains, colorful rocks, waterfalls with lights, statues etc. before starting with the construction of your own water garden you need to pay attention to few details.  The garden ponds can be affordable and costly also. The price depends on what exactly you want.

Another important thing need to be decided is what type of pond you want i.e. a water pond, a koi pond or a swimming pond.  For a better care and growth of your aquatic garden you must place it near the space where it can get sufficient amount of sunlight that is important for the fishes and the plants. As much as deep is your pond it is better for the fishes as they are safe in the deep water from their sky enemies i.e. birds.

What a garden pond should have

For a beautiful garden pond one should carefully choose the contents of it. A garden pond commonly has:

  • Aquatic plants:

You can have algae, floating plant and marginal plants in your pond .marginal plants root are under water and rest of the plant is on the water surface. Floating plants are mostly preferred as they grow fast.

  •  Colorful Rocks :

Bunch of colorful rocks are placed around the pond. Rocks of different colors and may be some mosaic pattern tiles may be placed near your pond.

  • Waterfall and fountains:

To add the charm to your beautiful garden fountains of beautiful design are placed in the ponds. Waterfalls are also installed with some lightening effects so that it gives the impact like colored water is flowing.

  • Fishes:

You cannot put any wish in your pond. Selected fish like gold fish or koi fishes are the top most choices for the aquatic pond.

Maintaining a pond requires lot of effort and money resources but it is also fun and gives pleasure. Anyone can create a water pond with their own ideas and efforts and the result will be a beautiful landscape view that you can enjoy any time you want. Garden ponds are a sort of welcoming thing for your guests in your garden or backyard and you will definitely get lots of compliment for your creative work.

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