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Monthly Archive for April, 2015

Oxygen Depletion

Oxygen depletion can happen for various reasons from shutting off the pump to fish over-population to something as simple as a hot summer’s day. Why doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you can fix the problem or avoid it completely. Low oxygen levels can result in the sudden death of fish and ruin the […]

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning; in most cases this brings up thoughts of garage sales, basement overhauls and sweating it out in your home while ridding of the grubbiness that crept in throughout the winter months. While all those things may need to be done, for pond owners it’s also a time to clean and refresh your pond to […]

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Floating Plants

Because planting a floating plant involves nothing more than placing it in the water, the main concern is keeping their reproduction under control. Too many floating plants can lead to depletion of oxygen levels in no time. In shallow ponds, especially during summer, the plants can actually trap heat within the pond which will lead […]

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