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Monthly Archive for March, 2014

Every year it is recommend to perform a thorough cleaning of your garden pond. The best season to to this during spring. This guide will teach you how to clean your pond which involves removing all the water, plants, plus all the fish and give the pond a vigorous cleaning. This will clear the water […]

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Benefits of a Water Garden

A water garden oozes tranquility, calm and peace. It can be a stunning addition to any outdoor area and looks perfect in any house. Technically, a water garden is defined as man-made landscape feature designed to house or display aquatic plants and/or ornamental fish. Typically, they are quite small, shallow, and in landscape architecture, form […]

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Big Ideas for Water Gardens

Have you ever been to a large public water garden?  You know, the ones that stretch out for what seems like miles, with a lot of pathways, multiple bridges, and countless fountains and waterfalls?  And of course, a large quantity of beautiful Koi fish.  These gardens are fantastic, but they’re also beyond the reach of […]

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