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Monthly Archive for November, 2013

The Basics of Fish Pond Maintenance

Keeping your fish healthy requires that you regularly maintain their pond’s environment.  The basics of upkeep for a fish pond are similar to the routines of maintaining a swimming pool and an aquarium, just with different variables. Filtering and Pumping Just like with a fish tank inside, you need to filter the water.  This means […]

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The Tranquility of Moving Water

One of the most relaxing sounds to human ears is that of moving water, especially the sound of a small amount of water trickling down a small waterfall or over rocks.  Many products are available to duplicate this sound, clock radios, audio CDs, and even specialty devices that just produce varying nature sounds.  The sound […]

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Toads and Frogs in Your Garden?

Toads and frogs probably love our water gardens more than we do.  Obviously they love the water, so having water right next to plants is the perfect invitation for them. It’s also a very unique idea to intentionally host them in your pond, and giving them a home in your garden.  This has several benefits.  […]

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Your Beautiful Water Garden

What’s more soothing than a water garden? It can be the size of a bowl, or it can take up acres of space. Most homeowners’ water gardens are more modest, but the sounds of running water and the sight of animal life, beautiful flowers and vegetation provide the same refreshment and sense of peace. Some […]

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