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Monthly Archive for January, 2013

Jan 28th Water Garden Weekly

this week we have stories on a very cool vertical gardening setup a big U.S. home gardening infographic gardening with confidence learning from dumb mistakes scum on the pond goldfish jumbo redcap aqueduct wall barges tips on installing water plants formal and informal backyard water gardens pond liner tips 8 videos gravel bog depth discussion […]

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1-20-13 Water Garden Weekly

This weeks edition is out. Stories include how to use water in your garden how to grow vegetables 101 15 tips for container water gardens 10 fish to keep before you die winter pond depth fish deaths during winter cool stream reservoir plus more stories and video

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Overview of Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers Pond Skimmers work in conjunction with pond filtration systems to give your pond a crystal clear, beautiful look. In most cases, you will never see the pond skimmer since it can be molded to fit the landscape perfectly so only you will know where it resides. Pond skimmers are a simple variation of […]

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This week we have stories about The top 5 reasons for adding a garden water fountain building a mini aquaponic system self cleaning fish tank plan adding a backyard pond or waterfall to a small lot water wheels overview of different types of pond filters 10 fish to keep before you die 15 tips for […]

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A rambling video about koi food

We are talking about koi food, food for your fishpond. You hear the phrase, ‘Garbage in, garbage out.’ talking about computers and coding, but it also applies to koi food. I learned this lesson with our rottweiler that we used to have guarding our pond store. We ran into a stretch where people love to […]

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