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Monthly Archive for September, 2012

Proper storage for your pond pump

Hey, today we were talking about how to bring your pump back in from storage. Now you might wonder why would someone store their pump. Well, if you have a real shallow pond and you are in a very cool climate it is probably a good idea to remove your pump from your pond during […]

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You know we get a lot of questions related to you know koi behaviour. You know, basically, “What is my crazy fish doing now?” and more importantly what does that mean. So I wanted to talk to you, they got a few of the things that you might see your koi doing that are unusual […]

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Determining the correct pump size

If you have been browsing around the internet you have probably came across the expert advice of circulate your pond water once every two hours. Now, let’s say you have a small pond, a 300-gallon pond. If you circulate with a 150 gallon per hour pump on that 300-gallon pond, you are going to have […]

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