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The plants that you use in and around your pond are what give your backyard landscaping a natural look. To keep your pond looking great, providing regular care for your land and aquatic plants is important. PondSupply.com makes plant care a simpler task by providing you with everything that you need to plant, maintain and protect your plant life. Our collection includes fertilizers that will help your aquatic plants thrive, and we carry spikes, tablets and liquid options, so that you can fertilize whatever way you prefer. In addition to our wide selection of aquatic fertilizers, PondSupply.com also has a full range of solutions to help you add new plant life to your pond, including island planters, floating plant containers and planting media. You'll also find the tools that you need to keep your plants healthy and lush like plant scissors, pruning sheers and feeders in our plant care collection. The plant care range is completed by imitation plants that can enhance the beauty of your pond without requiring maintenance.

Aquatic Plant Food Tablets - 60 tabs
Aquatic Plant Food Tablets - 60 tabs Continuous, slow-release tablets of nutrients and trace elements to ensure non-stop blooming of hardy and tropical aquatic plants. Rich in iron, and contains boron for promotion of flower formation. $12.95

Aquatic Plant Soil 25-Lbs
Aquatic Plant Soil 25-Lbs Holds plants firmly anchored in place all season. Retains oxygen and nutrients. Non-toxic. Neutral pH. Will not float or break down. Will not clog filters or pumps. Safe for all fish. Contains no peat moss or compost. Made from 100% Fullerís Earth, a natural mineral that has been kiln fired to create ceramic granules. $31.95

Aquatic Plant Stimulant 16-oz
Aquatic Plant Stimulant 16-oz Floating plant stimulant formulated to promote lush green growth of all aquatic plants. Will not stimulate algae blooms. Can be used weekly during the growing season. Treats up to 960 gallons per 16 oz. $13.95

Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer
Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Fast acting fertilizer tabs that allow their nutrients to go right to work giving plants a strong start and healthy diet. 10-26-10 ratio. Will not crumble or dissolve in the water before you get them into the plant containers. 10 gram tablet size allows for fewer tablets per container. Use 1-tab per gal of soil every 6 weeks.

Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer - 80 tabs  $27.95
Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer - 1000 tabs  $223.95
Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer - 300 tabs  $111.95
PLANTABBS Landons Aquatic Fertilizer
PLANTABBS Landon's Aquatic Fertilizer Utilized binary technology to help plants take up available nutrients. Reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to get newly potted plants off to a rapid start.

Landon's Aquatic Fertilizer - 2oz  $2.28
PLANTABBS Landon's Aquatic Fertilizer - 3lb  $18.95
Pondtabbs Use 1-tab per-gal of soil per month. Specially formulated tablets feed aquatic plants and do not release chemicals into the water which cause algae growth.10-14-8 analysis.

Pondtabs Jr. - 250 tabs  $10.95
Pondtabs Jr. - 2000 tabs  $53.95
Pondtabbs - 20  $10.95
Pondtabbs - 60  $15.95
Pondtabbs - 300 tabs  $46.95
Pondtabbs - 1000 tabs  $95.95
Pondtabbs - 4000 tabs  $313.95
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