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Product: Protection - Pest Repellants

When you invest in beautiful fish to place in your pond, the last thing you want is for them to be carried off by a predator. There are many techniques for protecting fish in backyard ponds and in outdoor ponds on commercial property. One method is using pest repellants and fish protector devices, which help to ward off various types of animals that prey on fish.

PondSupply.com is committed to bringing you the finest products to help you keep your fish safe and protect your investment. Our collection of pest repellants and fish protection systems includes natural products that won't harm predators. Instead these devices uses water or sound to ward off unwanted intruders like cats, birds, deer, dogs and other animals.

Cat Stop-Ultrasonic Repellent
Cat Stop-Ultrasonic Repellent Automatic Outdoor Cat Repellant. Emits a loud burst of ultrasonic sound that startles cats away and teaches them to stay away. Nothing to adjust simply place in the area requiring protection. One 9-volt battery works night and day for up to six months. $48.95

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