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Product: Skimmers - Out of Pond

Even though external pumps are kept out of pond water, they are still vulnerable to the effects of the debris and fine particulates that are present inside of your pond. To cut down on the amount of foreign matter than enters your external pond pump, out of pond skimmers are ideal. These skimmers are specifically designed for the needs of external pumps and can decrease the load on your filter.

At PondSupply.com, we carry the finest external pond skimmers manufactured by Easy Pro, a leader in pond equipment. These out of pond skimmers are reliable, durable choices and can be used with pumps rated for up to 4500 GPH. Easy Pro out of pond skimmers are versatile options for backyard ponds and ponds in commercial grounds, as you can use more than one and connect them together to meet the needs of your water garden.

Easy Pro Pond Skimmer For External Pumps
Easy Pro Pond Skimmer For External Pumps

20" long x 15" wide x 19" tall
• Made for external pumps
• Handles pumps up to 4500 GPH
Multiple skimmers can be combined!

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