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article: Natural Algae Preventions for the Water Garden

Natural Algae Preventions for the Water Garden

Algae in your water garden is a problem that no on like to face. It is an ongoing problem that can be controlled by the weather, the water and the plants in the water garden. When discussing controlling algae in the water garden one usually thinks about balancing the ecosystem in the water garden.

When you have a lot of fish in your water garden you are going to need more plants to fight the algae, to balance your environment in the water garden. Some of the plants that best fight algae in the water garden include Cabomba, Hornwort and Eleocharis. So what you need to remember most is the more fish you have, the more plants you are going to need in the water.

If you find that your pond water has been turning green, or that it is already green, it can take you about six to eight weeks to clean the water garden and rid your pond of algae. When you use dwarf sagittaria planted directly in the water garden you are less likely to have any problems with green water or algae at all.

One quick fix for the algae in the water garden is the amount of sunlight that you pond receives. A water garden is going to need lots of sun to kill off algae that grows in the water but at the same time you should know that it is possible to have a clear water pond without having full sun if you are careful in planning.

What are some of the problems in fighting algae in the water garden? When you constantly change the water in your water garden it is not going to be a permanent fix to the algae problem. Even if you are using well water, you will find that your water could have other additives that are not perfect for the garden pond. Testing your water is going to be the best situation for controlling the water, and knowing what to add to the water to make it clear once again.

When you are cleaning out the water garden it is best to use a brush or a sponge to wipe the edges and the bottom of the pool as much as you can to lift algae out of the water. All tools that you use in the water garden should be bleached and then boiled to be sure that you are not reinfecting the water garden.

To much fertilizer for your water garden plants can be a leading cause for some types of algae that grow in the water garden. Be sure to limit fertilizers when you see any signs of algae growing in the water garden.

Line your pots and containers with materials that are going to keep your soils in the containers and not to have them floating through the water garden. As the nutrients from the soil lay in the bottom of the water garden this could cause algae to start growing because of the unbalanced environment.

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