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Whatever you need to complete your pond, you'll find it here at PondSupply.com. We offer a full selection of pond accessory products and components for every need. Among the items you'll find in our accessory collection are replacement parts for do-it-yourself repairs or pond improvements and upgrades. We have a wide selection of vinyl tubing available for ponds in different diameters and styles. Our accessories collection includes waterfall foam and power supplies like cut-off switches and power centers. You'll also find float valves and float switches in our inventory.

Before we add a new component or accessory for ponds to our collection, our experts here at PondSupply.com carefully evaluate its quality. Only durable, well- made pieces are selected and added to our collection. We back our selection of top-of-the-line pond accessories with professional customer service to help you easily complete your repair or improvement project. If you need advice about selecting the right pond accessories for your needs or have a question about a particular product, feel free to contact us.

Atlantic Black Waterfall Foam - 12 oz.
Atlantic Black Waterfall Foam - 12 oz. Triple-expanding black waterfall foam. Fish-safe. UV-protected. Use to attach rocks to spillways and to direct water over the falls. 12-oz can $14.95

Eco Plus Float Valve
Eco Plus Float Valve Controls water level in a reservoir. Includes 1/2 brass barbed fitting. Overall dimensions: 12.5 x 1.25 x 2.5 in $49.95

Float Switch $74.95

Easy Pro Black Vinyl Tubing
Black Vinyl Tubing (per foot) Black Vinyl Tubing By-The-Foot
Black in color for easy concealment
Easily accepts barb fittings

Black Vinyl Tubing 1/4" ID (per foot)  $0.40
Black Vinyl Tubing 3/8" ID (per foot)  $0.48
Black Vinyl Tubing 1/2" ID (per foot)  $0.72
Black Vinyl Tubing 5/8" ID (per foot)  $0.95
Black Vinyl Tubing 3/4" ID (per foot)  $1.99
Black Vinyl Tubing 1" ID (per foot)  $2.56
Black Vinyl Tubing 1-1/4" ID (per foot)  $3.18
Easy Pro Black Vinyl Tubing
Easy Pro Black Vinyl Tubing Our high quality black vinyl tubing is preferred for use in garden ponds and ornamental ponds. The black color blends in with the bottom and also inhibits algae growth inside the pipe.

Easy Pro 3/8" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $30.95
Easy Pro 1/2" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $41.95
Easy Pro 5/8" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $79.95
Easy Pro 3/4" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $96.95
Easy Pro 1" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $139.95
Kink Free Tubing
Kink Free Tubing Heavy duty thick walls prevent collapse or kinking. Black in color for easy concealment. Metric sizing.

Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 3/4" ID (per foot)  $1.92
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 1" ID (per foot)  $2.32
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 1-1/4" ID (per foot)  $3.12
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 1-1/2" ID (per foot)  $3.68
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 2" ID (per foot)  $6.38
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