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article: Medications, Disease and Fish

Medications, Disease and Fish

Your fish can get sick, while this is not a common place problem, you need to realize that your fish can be cared for just as with any other sick animals by medications and by balancing the environment that they live in. Regular pond or water garden maintenance is one of your best lines of defense in fighting off disease, bacteria and viral problems for your fish. Medications sometimes are also needed when a disease has attacked your fish.

Medications for fish are created to be effective when given at certain doses, just as for humans. Medications for fish are sometimes liquid, light, or salve treatments among other things. If you find that just one out of your twenty has a disease or problem, you will most likely need to isolate this fish until you determine exactly what the fish has and how to treat it.

You can isolate fish in a large bucket, smaller water garden or in an aquarium that is set up just for your sick fish.

Many medications can be added to the water in the pond to treat the fish without ever having to move them. You will need to know how much water your pond holds to be able to add just enough medication to the water to make a difference. As with any animal, some fish can have reactions to certain medications. Carefully monitoring fish as you are adding medications to the water will determine if they are under additional stress because of the medications.

If you are adding medications to the water, it is important to be putting enough medications in the water so that you are properly treating the fish. When you donít add enough medications to the water, you are putting the fish at risk as the bacteria or virus builds immunity to the medication that is not strong enough to kill off the problem.

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