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: Maintenance Equipment

A well-maintained pond is a beautiful pond. Regular maintenance helps to keep your pond in peak condition and can lessen the chance of problems with algae, microbes and fish illnesses; however, pond maintenance can be time-consuming and difficult without the right tools. PondSupply.com has everything that you need to simplify maintenance, so that you can spend less time working on your pond and more time enjoying it.

The pond maintenance equipment collection at PondSupply.com includes both motorized items like pond vacuums and hand tools like algae twisters and tongs. We also carry a full range of spray foam for constructing waterfalls. To help you monitor water temperatures to ensure that your fish remain healthy, we stock several different types of pond thermometers. You'll even find gloves in our collection to help protect your skin while you perform your pond maintenance.

Need help selecting the right equipment to tackle a tough job? We'll be glad to offer you professional advice to assist with your shopping.

Algae Twister
Algae Twister For removal of string algae or blanketweed. Telescopic handle extends from 24" to 40". $29.95

Aqua Tongs 34" long. 4-1/2" grip. $52.95

Aqua Gloves
Aqua Gloves Full-arm length with elastic bands. 28" long. Made of PVC with fiber-reinforced sleeves. One size fi ts most. $28.95

Muck Vac
Muck Vac Eliminates muck and fish waste without causing turbidity in pond water or displacing fish or plants. $89.95

Matala Pond Vac II
Matala Pond Vac II 4X more power than PondTec Vac in suction test. Suction lift 5-ft above water. Auto fill and drain cycle. Powerful 2-HP motor. 5-gal capacity. $219.95

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