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article: Building a Pond with a Liner

Building a Pond with a Liner

A water garden is something that will require a little planning, in how you are building it, how you will care for it, and what you want to use your pond for. A water garden can be as small as a television set or it could be as large as your house or any size in between, the exciting part is that you get to determine all of it!

After you have determined the rough outline of your water garden you will need to find out how large of liner you will need. This is determined by figuring how deep the pool is and how wide the pool is so you can determine how much the liner is needed to cover the soil through out the hole for your pond. If you figure that your garden is ten by ten you need a hundred square foot, but the pond is six foot deep, so you need to add six foot by ten to cover the additional portion of the pond that is going down as well.

In purchasing your pond liner inquire about the different types of liner that are going to fit your environment best. You donít want to purchase a liner that is very thin if you have rocky soil or the liner will break under stress from the rocks. You donít want a liner that is thin if you have very harsh winters as the liner will not last as long as you might like. A thicker liner is going to suit a winter environment better but also it is going to survive the heat of summer as well.

When you are digging out your pond be sure to clear the area of all the rocks that you can. Applying a thin layer of rocks, and then sand, and then a layer of some type of perlite or foam that will protect your liner even more, your liner can last for years without additional replacement or patching.

When you are installing your liner, be sure that you leave at least six inches hanging over the sides of the pond so that you can control the liner from falling into the water. You can decorate the edges of the pond with rocks, bricks, clay and plants so that the edges of the pond liner are not noticeable at all.


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