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Product: Liner - Seaming and Repair

Even with the best filter and skimmer, your pond liner can sustain damage due to debris. Over time, the liner becomes weakened with age, and it takes less and less force to produce a puncture or a tear. When a liner is damaged, promptly repairing the problem is necessary to prevent it from worsening. Sometimes, it may be necessary to fully replace the liner, but often, you can easily repair the problem yourself with the right supplies.

Liner patch and seam tape products give you the materials necessary to perform repair work on your liner. When used properly, these products can help you avoid the cost of hiring a professional to service your pond. At PondSupply.com, we have a full array of liner patch and seam tape solutions for ponds. Our inventory includes repair patch kits that provide all of the necessary materials for maintenance work as well as adhesives, sealants, round liner patches, joint cover, seam rollers and seam tape.

Firestone Quickseam Joint Cover A 6" diameter circular patch with adhesive backing for quick repair of small cuts and punctures. $24.95

Firestone Seam Prep A solution used to prime the seam area on the PondGard membrane prior to the application of QuickSeam Tape. Note: The QuickScrubber Handle and Pad must be used in conjunction with the seam prep to adequately clean the surface prior to tape application. $24.95

Firestone Seam Roller
Firestone Seam Roller One important step in a good seam is to apply heavy pressure to the seam area to properly fuse the tape to the liner. These commercial grade rollers are perfect for applying heavy pressure to the seam. Silicone roller will not stick to tape or liner.
Quantity   1 - 4     5 - 9     10+  
Price $52.95 $42.95 $37.95

Quick Seam Kit
Quick Seam Kit Kit contains 25' of Quick Seam Tape, 16 ounce seam prep, Quick Scrubber Handle, two Quick Scrubber Pads, wipes, seam roller, and one grease pen. Instructions included. Kit coverage: 25 lineal feet of seam. $89.95

Quickseam Cover Tape (1-sided)
Quickseam Cover Tape (1-sided) A 6" wide adhesive tape factory laminated to EPDM membrane that is used to seam two panels of PondGard membrane. Note: requires cleaning of membrane prior to application. Use QuickPrime to clean and dramatically improve tape adhesion to liners.

Quickseam Cover Tape (1-sided) 6'W x 100L  $274.95
Quickseam Cover Tape (1-sided) 6'W x 25L  $71.95
Quickseam Splice Tape (2-sided)
Quickseam Splice Tape (2-sided) Use this two sided tape to join two pieces of liner together. Available in 3" or 6" wide rolls. For maximum sealing use cover strip above in conjunction with this tape.

Liner Splice Tape 3in.x25ft.  $41.95
Quickseam Splice Tape Roll 3" W x 100'L  $107.95
Quickseam Splice Tape Roll 6" W x 100'L  $155.95
Firestone Liner Repair Kit
Firestone Liner Repair Kit The patch kit from Firestone includes two 6" x 6" patches, a two ounce bottle of Quick Prime, roller, scrubber pad, disposable gloves and instructions for making a repair.

****Shipping Note: Shipping and Handling includes UPS HAZMAT $25.00 Fee required to ship the Quick Prime Solution.
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $35.95 $10.95

Liner Patch - 6 Round
Liner Patch - 6" Round 6" diameter circular membrane patch with adhesive backing to repair small cuts or punctures. $9.95

Liner Patch Kit Repairs EPDM, PVC, XAVAN or polyethylene liner materials. 5" wide x 18" long. $15.95

Liner Patch Tape 6in.x 25ft.
Liner Patch Tape 6in.x 25ft. 6" wide single-sided adhesive tape used to patch or repair liner punctures/tears. Also used over seams when 2 panels are joined. $134.95

Firestone Quick Prime Adhesive
Firestone Quick Prime Adhesive Quick Prime Adhesive is a must when joining two pieces of liner. Brush onto liner with QuickScrubber tool, let dry to touch, then apply tape. Must Ship Motor Freight or UPS hazardous materials. Contact us for shipping quote if you need more than one or if you are ordering other products that ship motor freight. $84.95

Firestone Splice Adhesive Splice Adhesive is a “contact cement” type product that is used to adhere liner to concrete. Cannot ship UPS - ships motor freight only. Twelve month shelf life. $59.95

Firestone High Strength Lap Sealant A rubber based sealant used to seam exposed membrane edges to provide additional waterproofing protection. It can also be used as a quick applied sealant to repair punctures to PondGard membrane. $24.95

Lap Sealant Cartridge Covers seam edges on patch tape and seam cover joints or patches. $10.95

Firestone Aluminum Termination Bar
Firestone Aluminum Termination Bar Use this Aluminum Termination Bar any time that EPDM liner needs to be securely attached to concrete, wood, steel, etc. Bar is pre-punched for easy attachment. Trim off excess liner above termination bar then fill channel along top with Lap Sealant for a long lasting, waterproof seal. Each 10' Termination Bar comes cut in half into two 5' UPS Shippable pieces. Upon request, 10' Termination Bars can be shipped via Motor Freight, however, additional shipping may apply. $24.95

Pipe Boot w/ Clamp
Pipe Boot w/ Clamp Features seam tape laminated to a flange for easy application when sealing around pipe penetrations of 1 - 6" O.D. $56.95

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