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article: Lilies in the Water Garden

Lilies in the Water Garden

Water lilies are a favorite among water gardeners for their vibrant colors and their ease in growing. Water lilies will grow in the full sun or in the partially shaded areas with similar results. Most water lilies will fall into two categories Ė lilies that will grow just about anywhere, which are hardy and then there are tropical water lilies that require the higher temperatures for their survival.

The hardy water lilies category is a huge listing of plants that will grow in many types and depths of water. Even the smallest dwarf plants in the hardy category can survive rough winter months to come back and bloom again in the following year. Even through the hardy water lily will survive the coldest temperatures they donít like splashing and running water, just the still water in the pond. If you have a fountain, stream, or other type of flowing water in the pond, keeping your water lilies on the other side from this location will be best.

The leaves of the water lily are flat, lying flat on the water itself. The bloom of the water lily will sit on the lily leaves, sometimes called the lily pad, looking at if they are just popping out of the water by themselves. The flowers will not last long, lasting about five days at the most. The flowers will open in the morning and close up at night as darkness nears. One strange thing about the water lily is that once if flowers and dies it will sink. Having many water lilies in the bottom of the small pond can be bad for the fish if they are dropping too fast and decaying all at the same time. Picking off a few water lilies before they sink can help this problem.

Miniature lilies will grow in just four inches of water, around the small pond edges if you like. Small water lilies will grow in water that is about twelve inches deep, where large water lilies will need about eighteen inches of water to survive and bloom in the water garden. The largest of the water lilies will need over four foot of water four their roots to grow and for the plant to thrive. Using water lilies to decorate and control the environment in your water garden is going to something that every water gardener loves!


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