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Product: Pond Kits - Koi Pond Kits

  • EasyPro bead filter
  • External pump skimmer(s)
  • EasyPro external pump
  • EasyPro bottom drain (EBD4N)
  • UV clarifier
  • Eco-Series waterfall spillway
  • All plumbing and flex pipe

By the 19th century, the practice of raising koi fish in ponds was taking place in Japan. There, the koi fish was revered for the graceful shape of its body and the beauty of its colorful scales. Today, we still appreciate the unique qualities of this breed of Asian carp, and koi ponds are popular additions in the landscaping of homes and businesses.


PondSupply.com has everything that you need to start your own koi pond system in your backyard or at your place of businesses. Our specialized kits make it affordable to purchase the necessary equipment to keep the pond water clean and your koi fish healthy. Each set includes an EasyPro bead filter, at least one external pump skimmer, an EasyPro external pump, an EasyPro bottom drain, a UV clarifier, an Eco-Series waterfall spillway and all of the necessary pipe for plumbing. All you need to do is select the right size! It's that easy to get all of the equipment that you need to enjoy a beautiful koi pond of your very own.

Koi Pond Kit - Medium
Koi Pond Kit - Medium 11' x 16' up to 2,000 gallons $2,999.95

Koi Pond Kit - Medium
Koi Pond Kit - Large 16' x 16' up to 2,900 gallons $3,999.95

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