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Product: Plant - Island Planters

Island planters can be used in all types of pond settings to protect plants and cut down on maintenance. Planters provide a pot in which you can add planting media and aquatic plants as seeds or seedlings. The plants then float in the islands around the pond, giving them a natural look. Leaf litter falls into the island instead of the pond, reducing the amount of plant debris that enters the water, and fish are unable to feed upon plants, as they are kept safely within the planters.

At PondSupply.com, we carry island planters for ponds in a variety of sizes. Some of our island planters are self-watering for added convenience. The planters can be used in place of planting shelves and require no installation. Just fill them and add them to the pond to bring some lush greenery to your setting.

Aqua Link Island Planters
Aqua Link Island Planters Impervious to rhizome damage. Self-watering, koi proof. Improves water quality. Eliminates need for planting shelves.

Floating Flora Island/Fish Barrier
Floating Flora Island/Fish Barrier Confines floating water plants to a specific area while protecting plants from fish.

Floating Flora Island/Fish Barrier 1ft. Round  $25.95
Floating Flora Island/Fish Barrier 2ft. Round  $34.95
Floating Flora Island/Fish Barrier 3ft. Round  $54.95
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