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Product: Filters - In Pond

Filters submersed and run underwater in the pond.

Every pond needs a filter, but every pond and backyard bring with them their own set of needs and concerns. That's why here at PondSupply.com, we carry a wide selection of filters. We only select the best models from the most trusted manufacturers to feature on our site. This means that no matter which of our in-pond filters you choose, you can be sure that you're receiving a reliable solution that meets our high quality standards.

Our collection of in pond filters includes both mechanical and biological models. Mechanical filters remove solids from water by capturing them, while biological models use friendly forms of bacteria to convert waste into safe materials. Both types of filters can keep pond water fresh and clean and help protect fish. If you're new to backyard ponds and fish care and need assistance choosing the right filter type for your needs, please contact us for help. We are also available to explain the various features of our in-pond filters to make your buying decision an easier one.

PondMaster 1000 - Filter Only
PondMaster 1000 - Filter Only Pondmaster 1000 (12" x 12") deluxe filter system (mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration)

PondMaster 1000 - Filter Only  $71.95
PondMaster Pump & Filter Kit 1250  $161.95
PondMaster Pump & Filter Kit 1350  $187.95
PondMaster Pump & Filter Kit 1500  $124.95
PondMaster Pump & Filter Kit 1700  $132.95
PondMaster Replacment Carbon/Coarse Pad Set  $24.95
PondMaster Replacement Coarse Pad 12inX12in  $16.95
PondMaster 190 Kit
PondMaster 190 Kit 190-gph pump with deluxe filter system (both mechanical & biological), & bell fountain head. For ponds up to 400 gal. 3 yr warranty. $105.95

PondMaster 2000 Filter Only
PondMaster 2000 Filter Only Pondmaster 2000 (12" x 24") deluxe filter system using polyester and biological media. Pondmaster 2000 Filter requires 2 pads. Pads measure 12"x12".

PondMaster 2000 Filter Only  $126.95
PondMaster 2000 Filter Replacement Foam  $34.95
PondMaster Carbon Pad For PM1000/2000  $11.95
PondMaster Replacement Coarse Pad 12inX12in  $16.95
PondMaster Replacment Carbon/Coarse Pad Set  $24.95
PondMaster Pond Skimmer/Filter System
PondMaster Pond Skimmer/Filter System
  • No Liner Cutting Necessary
  • Skims Debris off Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Pond
  • Suitable for Ponds up to 2000 gallons
  • For use with Pumps 1800- 2400 gph
  • Automatically Adjusts to Changes in Water Level $183.95

  • Easy Pro Pump Protector 8
    Easy Pro Pump Protector 8" These pump cages protect against plugging from leaves, algae and other debris by creating a large surface area around the pump. Designed to fit all brands of small pumps. 8" diameter and 1" thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 6" diameter. $35.95

    Tempo Submersible Pond Filter
    Tempo Submersible Pond Filter

    Provides mechanical and biological filtration from inside the pond.


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