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article: Indoor Water Plants

Indoor Water Plants

There are so many ways that you can decorate your home using plants and water – one great way that you can do this is to build a water garden for your plants. Plants that thrive in water are sometimes a mystery to gardeners who have never used water before but starting with a small indoor water garden is quite fun, and it make wonder conversation pieces for in you home.

Here is what you are going to need to start with.
A choice of water plants – do you like flowers, plants or just floating water plants?
After you have decided on what types of water plants, do they need lots of space, just shallow water or do your plants love deep waters?

Now that you have the choice of plants, and you understand what their needs are you can decide what size of aquarium you are going to use to raise your water garden plants in. Depending on where you live, you can visit thrift stores and often find a ten or twenty gallon tank for just a few dollars. If you like you can visit the pet store and purchase a new model – whichever size you like. The more plants you are going to have the bigger the aquarium and the bigger space you are going to need for storage of your new water garden as well.

Most often water gardens indoors will be placed in a thirty or forty gallon tank and usually are placed an a table where the view is easy to see and it fills up a large area of a wall as well.

You are going to want to be located near an electrical out let so you can give your plants light when they need it and you are going to be able to filter the water occasionally as well.

Artificial lights are most likely going to be needed not only for their light abilities but also for heat during the winter months as well. While you are not going to need your filter on all the time when you are raising plants in the water, you will want to turn the filter on a few times a month to keep the water looking a little clean and to keep any smells from starting.

Decorating the bottom of the aquarium with fish accessories or rocks of different shapes and colors are sure to make the water garden match with the colors of your home décor!

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