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article: Why plants are important in the water garden

Why plants are important in the water garden

Your water garden can consist of many combinations of plants and fish. Most often water gardeners feel that plants are only in the pond to make it ‘look pretty’ but plants are much more valuable than just the pleasing look. If you have a water garden and do not choose your water garden plants carefully, your environment could be unbalanced and cause harm to the fish living in the water.

Plants in the water balance the oxygen in the water. When algae grows it uses up loads of oxygen that fish need to survive. If there is too much algae growing in the water, the fish will die because they can not breath. Plant help to balance the environment, cleaning the water through the photosynthesis process.

Plants in the water balance the shade and the heat in the water. When the sun is high and the temperatures rise, this puts high stress on fish and when the fish are constantly under stress they can get diseased and possibly die.

There are so many living organisms in the water that one could not identify them all at once. The plants help to purify the water, taking the water up through their roots and digesting many of the bad elements that can be in the water that would hurt or put stress on the fish. With out plants, you most definitely would need a filtration system running all the time in the outdoor water garden.

Plants will absorb nitrates in the water, cleaning the water of the waste that fish, frogs, insects and other animals leave behind. If the levels of nitrates are high in the water, the fish cannot survive. Plants filter out the waste in the water.

Plants also provide your fish with great areas for spawning, hiding from predators and even for cooling off during those long summer days. With out the plants, the fish eggs would be eaten by other fish or dried up baking in the sun. Without the plants, the fish would be under stress from hot days, and the birds and other animals that eat fish would have a good meal.

Choosing plants that look nice and function properly for your type of fish is important for a healthy and balanced water garden. Be sure to choose plants that will grow slow or fast according to the size of your water garden so you don’t have to labor too much for that beautiful look that you want!

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