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Product: Filters - Gravity Flow

Dirty water passes through filtration media to create effective biological filtration. Gravity Flow filters usually sit higher than your waterfall display or above your bog and the water flows from the filter back into your pond. The water will be filtered through it and gravity itself will allow the water to fall; bear in mind these can’t pump water up so you can’t let them flow over long distances unless you keep the filter higher than the return.

Our gravity flow filters use biological media to convert impurities, and we have many different styles to choose from to meet the needs of every pond.

In our collection of gravity flow filters, you'll find Matala, Laguna and FishMate filters, giving us a well-rounded selection with both UV-enhanced filters and standard biological filters included in our inventory. All of the gravity flow filters that we carry feature quality craftsmanship and are trusted names in pond care. With our gravity filters, you can maintain ponds from 500 to 2,600 gallons in size.

Matala Biosteps Filters
Matala Biosteps Filters

An ideal filter for ponds up to 2600 gallons; koi ponds up to 1330 gallons. Steps-wise transition from mechanical filtration to high efficiency biological filtration. Recommended flow of 665 gph.

Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 9watt UV  $312.95
Matala Boisteps Filter w/ 13watt UV  $360.75
Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 18watt UV  $396.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 9 Watt  $126.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 13 Watt  $168.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 18 Watt  $214.95
Matala Biosteps Replacement 9 Watt UV Lamp  $25.95
Fish Mate UV + Bio Filter
Fish Mate UV + Bio Filter Combined UV and filter, mechanical filtration, biological purification, includes SUPRA BIO MEDIA.

Fish Mate UV + Bio Filter 8W - 500 Gal  $169.95
Replacement 8W UV Lamp for 8W/2 X for 16W Filters  $21.95
Replacement Foam for 8W Compact  $17.95
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