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article: Goldfish Notes and Facts

Goldfish Notes and Facts

Goldfish are one of the most adored fish for the water garden. The idea of a goldfish is most often thought about involving the tiniest of creatures but goldfish can grow to be a variety of sizes, reaching over a foot long in some cases. Goldfish are seen in history as pet’s way back before 1000 AD. Because the goldfish has been raised as ‘pets’ for so long, they have spread from their original habitat from China to just about everywhere in the world.

Goldfish species will vary, able to thrive in waters that will reach down to 32 degrees and ranging upwards of 90 degrees. Goldfish are not a delicate fish as some other fish might be, they can survive in water that has some amount of waste or pollution in the water, but of course to a limit. Water gardens that have low oxygen levels due to high heat or a lesser number of plants will still support the needs of goldfish for a time.

Common goldfish are the species most raised in water gardens around the world. The common goldfish is not just one color, but will be found in colors of the lightest reds, the lightest shades of orange and to the brightest of both. White and black goldfish are also sometimes seen in the common goldfish variety but not very often.

Fancy goldfish are another type of goldfish that is often found in the water garden, but in limited areas because they are a more delicate type fish. The fancy goldfish has a body that is a bit shorter than the common goldfish, with a more rounded look to their body. Fancy goldfish are different from each other some with divided tails and others with tails that are joined and look as if they are one fan shaped tail. Some types of fancy goldfish include the Moor, Orandas, and the Lionhead.

The common goldfish will grow to be anywhere from a few centimeters long to about fourteen inches long. The fancy goldfish species will grow to be any where from a few centimeters long to about a foot long. For the largest water gardens, your fish will grow larger according to their varieties. If you chose a common goldfish that is known to grow to be a foot long, and your water garden provides them with the balanced environment this fish will grow that large. For the fish that is supposed to grow larger, but that is put into the water garden that does not support its fullest needs it may not thrive and remain smaller in size.

Goldfish will live for several years, ranging from ten to twenty years in most water gardens, sometimes even up to twenty five years in the water that is optimal. Fancy goldfish do not live as long as the common goldfish is known to. Fancy goldfish often live to be about eight to ten years old, even under the best conditions.

Goldfish that you purchase that are ‘babies’ will mature for breeding in sixteen to about thirty months depending on the specific variety that you purchase. When purchasing goldfish for your own water garden be sure to look for the lively varieties of fish that are swimming in the holding tank, not floating or hanging on the top of the water to ensure you are purchasing a healthy fish.

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