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For more than 35 years, F&Q Pumps, Inc. has produced reliable pumping equipment. F&Q brand pumps are used by heavy industry, in municipal water treatment plants and for numerous other applications that require powerful, reliable pumps. The F&Q Pond Pump collection features the same reliability and fine craftsmanship that has made the brand a leader in the industry.

F&Q Pond Pumps feature smart details that make them superior to many other waterfall pumps on the market, such as sealed bearings that add to their durability. Their fine quality craftsmanship guarantees that all F&Q Pond Pumps have an operating life of at least 10,000 hours.

PondSupply.com is proud to carry F&Q Pond Pumps, which are excellent choices for large waterfalls that require a high-performance pumping solution. We stock a wide array of F&Q Pond Pump options, so that we have something to meet the need of every backyard and commercial waterfall.

F & Q High Volume Submersible Pumps
F & Q High Volume Submersible Pumps F & Q High Volume Submersible Pumps
These heavy duty, high volume, low cost, cast iron pumps are perfect for large scale waterfalls! All pumps have sealed bearings with a minimum 10,000 hour operating life. All pumps available in 115v or 230v

F & Q-50 1/2 HP, 115 volts, 8 amps  $439.95
F & Q-502 1/2 HP, 230 volts, 4 amps  $454.95
F & Q-75 3/4 HP, 115 volts, 10 amps  $483.95
F & Q-752 3/4 HP, 230 volts, 5 amps  $498.95
F & Q-100 1 HP, 115 volts, 14 amps  $529.95
F & Q-1002 1 HP, 230 volts, 7 amps  $547.95
F & Q-150 1.5 HP, 115 volts, 16 amps  $593.95
F & Q-1502 1.5 HP, 230 volts, 8 amps  $609.95
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