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: Fountains

Fountains can turn a normal pond into the centerpiece of a backyard. They look fantastic, can reflect light and soothe your mind with the sound of water in movement. Most people desire fountains and waterfalls for their relaxing effect. There are two types of fountains – Spray or Statuary.

Spray fountains can be floating or nozzles attached to pumps. They can be fairly simple, or they can be large. Statuary fountains are the same though the fountain involves a type of statue, and thus can be more decorative.

Despite enjoying fountains for their soothing sounds, they are also beneficial. The spray of the water adds movement and aeration to the pond. Adding a fountain or a simple spitter can be wonderful tools to add oxygen to your pond on hot days, helping your fish survive.

Video Transcript: Let’s talk about the different type of pond fountains. You got your floating fountains and these are the ones you are going to see out on commercial ponds, out in the shopping malls, or large neighborhoods. Wherever they have a large subdivision pond you will see these big huge fountains out in the middle of the pond shooting water up and that is typically a floating fountain. Those are tethered there with cables and they have a little propeller, and it just pumps water up. It is great for aerating those ponds and circulating the water. It is much more economical than using pumps to do it, and it may be a little bit too large for your typical backyard pond.  Unless you’ve got a really big pond.  If so man, that is going to make a huge positive difference for you, but for a typical backyard pond the type of fountains we were talking about are either spitters or nozzle-type fountain heads.

Now, spitters connect to your pump with tubing and they can be in the pond or you can have a statue type fountain head where it would be let’s say a typical mermaid or any type of a statue design that is spitting water. Now, you will also get spitters that are on the side of the pond. Let’s say your pump is a little bit large for your filter and you have more water flow coming out of your pump than you need. You could always divert some flow - you just put a T in the line and divert it on out to your spitter, and then from the side of the pond that spitter is just going to be spitting into the pond. Now, that helps your pond quite a bit. Besides the fact that it looks nice, it adds some aeration, the water typically being agitated is a draw for your koi and the spitters look nice, and you don’t even have to run them off your main pump. You can also get a very small pump that sits up pretty high in the water and in case it some filtration so the pumps aren’t going to clog and run that as a separate pump running just that spitter. That is kind of give you a backup system during the summer in case your pump dies so you still have some aeration and your fish will be okay until you can replace your main pump.

Now, the other type of thing people are talking about when you talk about fountains or fountain heads, these are nozzles that are attached to the pump. Now, typically you are going to have a pump that is using a filter, a pre-filter so the water goes through the filter, then into the pump, then up, and through basically a piece of plastic tubing, and it may be hard plastics.  Because it is going to be, firm, and that is going to come up to just above the water line and then have a nozzle. There are different kinds of spray heads, so you can get different designs. You can switch out these nozzles. So sometimes you can buy like a three pack of nozzles if you have a very small pond and you are using this type of system where you can just switch out the nozzle head and have different types of design in your pond. Now, some of them do a little bit better in windy conditions. So depending on where your ponds at, you want to pay attention that anything that is going to shoot away up high if you get a lot of wind in your backyard, and you don’t want to be spraying your yard because you will be emptying your pond.

 Now, a couple of other things that you will often see on the same page that you find the floating fountains, spitters, and nozzles are foggers. Now, foggers are just a decorative element and that is usually why they are in there. They do agitate the water a bit and they vibrated a very high frequency and it creates fog. It is a pretty cool effect. I don’t recommend using it 24/7. However, if you ever have a get together in the evening around your pond, your foggers are fantastic. They add quite a bit of décor to your pond and they usually get set aside with the spitters because they are a decorative element. Now, sometimes you will see basins that are listed next to all your filters and the reason that is because you can build a standalone system using these basins. The basin is going to hold water and it is going to have a great on top of it, the water will be underneath it and then you stick your statuary. Usually, a larger piece and not a spitter - something that is going to stand up and then have the water cascading down and then basically it becomes a pondless waterfall, a pondless feature and not really a waterfall, but a pondless feature, and it is considered kind of a fountain.

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