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article: Formal Water Gardens

Formal Water Gardens

The formal water garden is a place of reflection, relaxation, and enjoyment. A formal water garden is one that often is used to decorate the landscape more than for picnics. The formal water garden is more of a work of art that is enjoyed from a distance than to be enjoyed in a family atmosphere.

A formal water garden is going to be successful only when it is gauged by size according to your landscape. The larger your landscape, the larger your formal water garden should be in order to look ‘properly’ in place. For smaller areas, your formal water garden should be more in proportion to the smaller size. A large sized water garden in a very small area is going to make your formal water garden seem out of place.

The formal water garden brings with it a higher price tag than many of the more natural water gardens. Natural water gardens are going to use very little additional materials when you create a pond of water. A formal water garden often uses cement, boulders, and more man made materials than natural water gardens will.

If you need to create a large water garden, and you want to double the area of the water in your formal water garden, you really only have to increase the perimeter of the water garden by one half. By adding a few feet on all the sides of the water garden, you can easily double the water surface on the water garden.

The large layout of the formal water garden can be deceiving to what you might really see. The planning of a long narrow body of water can be made to deceive the eye, to make you think that there is water running across the body of water, when in reality you have water running down through the longer portion of the body of water. The formal water garden is one that uses symmetrical figures and lines to change what you are really seeing.

So what if you have created a formal water garden, with the straight lines of masonry and rocks, but you change your mind, wanting a less formal garden area? You can use plants in containers and placed in the water to change the over all effect and feel of a formal area. The plants that are placed close to and in the water will soften the feel of the lines, creating the less formal area that you will enjoy just as much!

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