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Product: Fountain - Floating

Floating fountains make installation as easy as 1-2-3! All you'll need to enjoy a beautiful new pond is to purchase the right fountain head for your pond, attach it to a pump and place it in the water. There's no need for digging outside of your pond or lowering heavy submersible equipment into your pond.

If your yard is already outfitted with a sprinkler system, installation is effortless, as you can operate your floating fountain right from your existing sprinkler system pump. There simply isn't an easier way for do-it-yourself-ers to get a beautiful in-pond fountain!

PondSupply.com is dedicated to making installing a floating fountain even easier by simplifying how you shop for fountain heads. We feature only the finest floating fountains from top manufacturers like Easy Pro. Our inventory includes both rocket and umbrella head fountains as well as systems with LED lighting for added style.

Easy Pro Floating Fountain Heads
Easy Pro Floating Fountain Heads Using this fountain head you can build your own fountain by simply hooking a pump to it. Ideal for use with an existing lawn sprinkling pump.

Additional Easy Pro Floating Fountain Head  $47.95
Easy Pro Floating Fountain Head 2-Light Kit  $455.95
Easy Pro Floating Fountain Head 3-Light Kit  $599.95
Easy Pro Floating Fountain Head Replacement Bulb  $24.95
Easy Pro Floating Fountain Head w/ Rocket Nozzle  $215.95
Easy Pro Floating Fountain Head w/ Umbrella Nozzle  $215.95
Wide Umbrella - Nozzle Only  $57.99
Narrow Umbrella - Nozzle Only  $57.99
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