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Product: Water Treatments - Fish Health

If protecting the health of your fish is your top priority, you need the right treatments to add to your pond water. Fish are susceptible to a wide variety of parasites, diseases and illnesses that can cause them to suffer and even die.

One of the most common of these illnesses is ich, a parasitic condition that causes white spots to form on fish scales and leads to discomfort like itching. While you can help prevent ich by keeping your pond filled with clean, fine quality water, you can also use decrease the likelihood of your fish contracting the condition by using our ich control products. PondSupply.com also carries ich treatments that you can use when your fish are infected.

Along with our ich treatments, PondSupply.com stocks a collection of products that promote general wellness among fish. These formulas help fish maintain the protective coatings over their bodies that prevent bacteria and microbes from affecting them.

PondCare Stress Coat
PondCare Stress Coat Replaces the natural mucous slime coating on the skin of pond fish to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes. Contains aloe vera to help heal wounds and torn fins. Removes chlorine and conditions tap water. Treats 960 gallons per 8-oz.

PondCare Stress Coat - 1 gal  $79.95
PondCare Stress Coat - 16oz  $19.95
PondCare Stress Coat - 64oz  $43.95
Easy Pro All-In-One Conditioner
Easy Pro All-In-One Conditioner This is one of the most comprehensive water conditioners available. It is ideal for use in koi ponds, water gardens and aquariums. It is nontoxic to humans, pets and aquatic life.

Easy Pro All-In-One 16oz  $14.95
Easy Pro All-In-One 32oz  $26.95
Easy Pro All-In-One 128oz  $62.95
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