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Product: Fish Care - Cages

If you're looking for an easy way to divide your pond in order to confine your fish to one area or separate certain fish from one another, fish cages are an excellent option. Fish cages allow your fish to freely swim within a designated space and are an alternative to building permanent, physical dividers in your pond.

PondSupply.com carries the very best fish cages and features low prices that will fit any budget. Our cages are 2 feet deep and are available in four different width and height sizes. The models are crafted from durable materials, ensuring that they will remain useful in your pond for years to come.

Nycon Fish Cages
Nycon Fish Cages Use as a divider in large fish tanks and ponds. Floating lid, with 1/4" mesh black polyester netting. Each is 2 deep.

Nycon Fish Cage 1x3x2  $199.95
Nycon Fish Cage 2x3x2  $214.95
Nycon Fish Cage 3x3x2  $299.95
Nycon Fish Cage 4x3x2  $349.95
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