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JAF Fire and Water Kit - round

Product: Pondless - Fire and Water Kits

Intuitively, fire and water don't seem to fit together at all, as water is the first thing that comes to mind to extinguish fires. Because they are such polar opposites, fire and water can make a stunning statement when combined with one another, and it's that unique look that you'll bring to your yard or place of business when you install a Fire and Water Formal Fountain. These designs incorporate a fire pit and a waterfall fountain into one natural-looking design that makes an attractive focal point for any landscape design.

Our Fire and Ice Formal Fountains are available in both round and square designs. Both types have a custom-built liner designed for the unique needs of these combination pieces. A concrete fire box with a natural gas burner and lava rock is centered in both fountains and produces real flames. The sets include their own pumps, water diffusers, copper sleeves and all of the tubing, valves and fittings needed for do-it-yourself installation.

Fire and Water Fountain Kits

Self contained water features that combine the mesmerizing effects of both fire and water!
Designed for use with the block of your choice

- custom built shaped liner
- concrete fire box
- natural gas burner with lava rock
- pump
- waterfall diffuser
- copper sleeve
- all tubing, valves, fittings and instructions

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