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article: Fighting Disease – Fish and Plants

Fighting Disease – Fish and Plants

Both your fish and the plants in your water garden will need quarantined when a harmful disease or a microscopic disease is threatening your water garden. This is the same procedure you will follow when you want to prevent additional health problems in the water pond, the aquarium or in the holding tank. Similar quarantine procedures are followed when you have greenhouse plants or plants indoors that are going through a problem or disease.

When putting your fish in quarantine you will need to be careful with your fish even though most fish are considered ‘hardy’ you could break or hurt their fins, scales and put additional stress on the fish if you do not move them carefully. Practicing and learning how to net and handle your fish will become a must before the need actually arises.

Your fishnets should be similar in size compared to your fish. If you are going to use an all-purpose fishing net for your smallest goldfish or koi, they could be flopping around in the net and not only receive exterior injuries but internal injuries as well. The same situation where your nets are too small for a large fish can cause similar injuries to your fish.

You should always handle your fish with wet hands. When your hands are dry you are going to subject your fish to drying out as well. Injecting your fish because they have a parasite or a bacterial problem should be done when you are holding the fish with wet hands. Dry hands promote your removing the slime that coats the outer of the fish and can promote other bacterial problems for the fish.

When you are removing a injured or diseased fish from the water garden you are going to have to do this carefully to avoid dropping the fish into the aquarium or hitting the solid portion of your holding tank.

One of the biggest problems that you are going to face when you are watching your fish for diseases and parasites is going to be getting the fish to sit still long enough so that you can look it over. Hand feeding your fish from the start, will train your fish to accept you feeding them and will get you closer to them so you can examine them as often as needed.

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